lucky clover baby blanket

Just weeks ago I finished this project. Making a blanket is always an ambitious venture, as it takes at least a month of dedicated knitting from casting on the first stitch to sewing in the last lose end of yarn. This is the third blanket of its kind which I have made: all of which were for friends or sister`s babies.

For this particular blanket, I asked my sister to come with me to one of my favourite yarn shops in Vancouver, three bags full . At this point she didn`t know if the baby would be a boy or girl, so she chose some gender-neutral colours for baby`s first blanky.

The pinwheel blanket pattern seems to awe and confuse most of my friends. The blanket grows from the middle out with each circle growing in size as you add stitches on each row. By the time I am knitting the final rows, I have accumulated at least ten needles to hold my stitches as I work my way round and round. It looks like it could be used as a net to capture small animals or a knitters oversized version of a ninja fighting star. Thus the awe and confusion. Friends might be thinking, I could do some serious damage with that contraption and are hoping if they smile and say it looks pretty I won`t gouge their eyes out with it.

Back to the pattern. Using a yarn over method of increasing stitches creates a nice eyelit pattern that fans out from the middle of the blanket. Lucky clover pinwheel blanket was modified from a basic pinwheel pattern which I found on this site . I added some extra eyelit rows and used several colours instead of just one. My sister did a wonderful job on picking out such warm colours which will make baby that much cozier when she comes in January. These blankets never really seem finished until they recieve some kind of edging. I like adding little crochet scallops all along the outside of the circle to make it more playful.

I am sending the blanket off to my sister soon and in a few months, baby will be warm and cozy inside. I can`t wait to meet her.

For more pictures please check out the gallery page.


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