eyelit toque with ribbing

When is it good to be slouchy?

When you are a toque, of course!

This toque was a Christmas present from my sister, that I made. Let me explain how that works. Here in the small town of Fukui, Japan it is impossible to find my beloved malabrigo yarn. If you don’t know about malabrigo, visit the site. Back to the story, for Christmas my sister asked me what I would like for Christmas and I knew one thing for sure, MALABRIGO! So Shannon, being the good sister that she is, retrieved a skein of malabrigo from my favourite knitty shop in vancouver and sent it across the ocean for my knitting pleasure.

For a week or two I was tormented by the decision of what to create with my precious blue yarn. Finally, the cold weather won over and I decided a toque was a necessary addition to my army of warm things for fighting the winter cold. After roaming through ravelry for inspiration, I decided to make the toque san pattern. “Who needs patterns? Patterns are for wimps.” I declared and set out on a new crafting adventure.

It only took restarting about five times to get my toque to look right, but I made it; twigs in my hair and scratches on my knees. No wimps here.

This toque is two in one. Yeah, magic toque. If you are feeling the urge to stow away on a tanker and ride the ocean blue, just fold over the edges of the took for a nautical head warmer. Folded down, this toque would make you fit right into that laid back, hipster gathering at that eclectic, fair-trade coffee shop you have always wanted to check out, but were never cool enough to. It’s magic.

A bit about the yarn. I used merino worsted weight and  since it is hand dyed you can see the subtle variation in colour of blue which really adds to the texture and richness of this piece. Though there were some hiccups along the way, the end result is just right. This just goes to show that Goldilocks should have made her own porridge instead of tormenting wild animals with very sharp teeth.

For more pictures please check out the gallery page.


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