drop-stitch cowl

Last year, this project was undertaken straight from an online pattern I found on ravelry . Knitters and crocheters post patterns and projects on the site and I go there for inspiration and free patterns ( yay, free stuff!). I rarely follow a pattern from beginning to end, either because I am incompetent and lack the necessary skills to do so or I just want to add my own personal flare. I can proudly say that I followed this pattern to a `t` (and learned some new techniques along the way) and the piece came out beautifully. Corinna – one; brain-crushing knitting rules – zero…well this time anyways.

The cowl is basically a big circle, and then it is wrapped around the neck twice. The pattern says you can wear it as is (without doubling), but I think it just looks akward, because it hangs of your neck all saggy-like. In addition to looking sad, it wouldn`t help keep you warm either, so I always double it.

The unique part of this cowl is the drop-stitch thing. Whenever I drop a stitch accidentally I usually don`t realize until I am a few rows further down the item. My heart dies a little. A dropped stitch means, if you don`t go back and pick the stitch back up (like a good little knitter) then the stitch will `run` and make a line of ugliness down whatever you are working on. In this case, you drop a stitch on purpose to create the interesting spacing which appears on the cowl:

I got plenty of use out of this cowl last winter. Contrary to what some people think, Japan does get miserable-cold during the winter, especially in my prefecture of Fukui. That cowl kept me warm on many cold nights in my apartment (no central heating here). There is something about having fabric bundled around your neck that just makes me warm inside.

For more pictures please check out the gallery page.


§ 3 Responses to drop-stitch cowl

  • Tamara says:

    Great picture and good shirt to go with! I can’t say I heard of a cowl before but it looks awesome, and you made it!!! I can see how it would most definitely keep you warm!

  • Bethany says:

    I really liked looking at your knitting crafts, they are really good. Great innovation, excellent touch with the earthiness, and plain funness. A mixture of both creativity and adult thoughts, with the ever expressive imagination of a child. (And hey, you look good doing it too).

    • aredribbon says:

      Thank you for such a thoughtful comment 🙂 I tried hard to get many of those elements you mentioned into this project, so it is cool to hear that they came across!
      P.S. I got your card yesterday and it made me smile.

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