sheep mobile

For this mobile, I kind of just went with an idea I had in my head, a photo I found on the internet and my intuition. I knew I wanted to make little sheep, so for ideas of how to make it look I went on-line ( a great source of inspiration). I found a pic of a sheep made with felted head and legs and the wool made out of looped yarn. As so many other crafty things I look at as soon as I saw it, I gave it a squint and a ponder and thought, “I could make that!” I felted the bodies of each sheep and then to keep the mobile whimsical I used yarns of all colours. White woolen sheep are so blah! K, then onto the felted sheep bodies I glue gunned loops of yarn on three or four loops at a time. I really couldn’t think of a more time efficient method. Took forever!

I had to make my own ring for hanging the sheep once they were done so I paid my local dollar store a visit. I decided to use some wire to make the ring and then wrap it with yarn. While at the dollar store I found some little jingle bells and decided they would look so cute tied around the little sheep’s necks! Now when ever the hanging sheep are jiggled they make a little ringing sound. I hung the sheep on the ring by some white sewing thread. On past mobiles I have discovered later that babies have grabbed the hanging objects right off the strings, so this time I anchored them with little beads. I tied a bead to the end of each sewing thread before sewing through the sheep and tieing them to the ring. The beads should keep the sheep from running off without permission.

Here’s a pic. I will post more later once I get back to my camera which is currently in a different province. Boo.


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