bird mobile

This is the second mobile I have made. A bit of a level up for me. The first was the easiest, made of many felted balls of different sizes and colours. A great starter project. This second mobile was an attempt to master new shapes in order to make birds and clouds.

I had instructions on how to make the birds from a book called Fuzzy Felted Friends. It is a translation of 25 Japanese felting patterns. The book is part of a series of translated Japanese crafting patterns called, Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts. This is truly the land of cute, so these books are a gaurantee to put a smile on your face.

As for the clouds, I just went with my gut! I didn`t want them to be intensely felted, because I wanted the wool to retain its fluffy feel and look. Before being felted the wool kind of looks like cotton candy and I wanted to keep that kind of playful, whimsical nature. So I thought of the simplest and cutest cloud shape and then just went for it!

After felting the individual items I laid them out to get a vague idea of how I wanted to hang them for the mobile. I bought a kind of wood binding that many Japanese mobiles use. It is just connected into a circle and then the threads connecting the mobile pieces are tied to the binding and are spread evenly throughout. I used one piece of yarn for every two mobile strands, criss-crossing them across the middle of the binding circle at the top. This seemed to help with balancing out the mobile (which I had some difficulty with on the first mobile).

I really enjoyed making all the little pieces and collecting birdies and fantastical clouds all over my kutatsu table. I was almost sad to see them go, when I sent them in the mail!


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