drop-stitch cowl

You may be wondering why I have ended up modeling these items. Well, hopefully, down the line I will find helpers to do that for me, but right now I am working with what I got.

In the picture, the cowl is wrapped around the neck twice. In my humble opinion, it looks best this way. The cool thing about the cowl that I wanted to capture in the pictures is that the gapping of the drop-stitch areas peeks through amongst the regular knitting giving it this really interesting texture. It’s warm too.


§ 4 Responses to drop-stitch cowl

  • This is such a beautiful knit Corinna! I love the colour! I agree about the texture too – it looks so varied and keeps this piece from looking overwhelming on the neck. Beautiful photography by the way!

    • aredribbon says:

      Thanks, Tash! It is one of my favourite winter accessories.
      Lindsay is pretty talented I’d say and she is super generous to be helping me with the blog. She’s a magician.

  • Nikki Nielsen says:

    I’ve never heard of a cowl until now but I am very impressed with it. I think the model adds a lot to it though! 😉

    • aredribbon says:

      you are the second person to say that! I think the best thing about cowls is that you get the warmth of scarf without the complications of trying to figure out what to do with the ends 🙂

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