lucky clover pinwheel blanket

A blanket isn`t the easiest to capture in a picture in an interesting way, so as you can see we did some experimenting. I knew I wanted the pictures to be outside, because of the earthy tones in the blanket so we went to a nearby park and tried various erm…display methods?

The problem with nature is that it is full of natural things like dirt, and bugs. For some reason this didn`t click until we actually got to the park and I was reluctant to place my precious blankie anywhere saying to Lindsay, “Is it clean?”

This park seemed to be infested with ants. They were everywhere so we had to be vigilant. The biggest challenge was how to lay the blanket out flat without placing it on top of an ant hill or pile of dirt. Lying the blanket on top of the patch of clovers was our desperate attempt to keep nature sanitary. Ironically, our last ditch effort produced my favourite blanket photos and as a tribute I decided to name the blanket after our lucky little clover patch.


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