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heart stringsOutdoor weddings don’t require a lot decoration when the location provides the beauty and atmosphere we could never dream of being able to create ourselves through rustic pines, ocean views and mountains fading in the horizon. For our reception on Bowen Island, BC, we just wanted to add a few special touches to the natural beauty that was already there and of course, it had to be hand-made.130915_CorinnaDan_Wedding-486

I had seen beautiful mobiles of paper cut into different shapes and sewn together at my favourite store on Granville Island, Paper-ya. I looked at them and I declared, as so many crafters have before me, I could make that! So began hours of cutting out hearts from patterned paper and sewing them together. On thing that saved some time was that I found some antique gold heart foils which were basically all ready to be sewed. That was just one of the kinds of items I found for crafting at this great shop called Urban Source on Main st. They have all sorts of left over industrial bits that can be repurposed or up-cycled.


Inside the clubhouse, the walls were well-rustic, but just needed a little adornment. Dan and I love maps, (who doesn’t?!) and I found a vintage collection of global maps in Salvation Army. I ripped out map after map and folded them into fans, then taped the fans together to form a full circle which could then be hung on the walls. The great part was that the antiquated colours of the maps went perfectly with the kinds of colours we were using throughout the wedding 🙂 Loved it.130915_CorinnaDan_Wedding-545


Mason jars at work

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hand-painted drift wood signage

hand-painted drift wood signage

Here is the follow up post to display the mason jar syrup dispensers from the previous post in all their glory at our wedding reception. We had a little lemonade stand set up out on the deck, complete with painted drift-wood signage.

lemonade stand 2

There were two dispensers; one with plain syrup and the other with flavoured syrup. This one is raspberry (which I bought on sale from Chapters). I heard that this one flavour was popular enough to be stolen and monopolized by one of the tables for some time.

lemonade stand 3

Here is one the drinks fully mixed with our handy-dandy paper straws (also from Chapters – super cheap!). We still have some left over and they are fun to bring out every so often.

We also gave guests the option of iced tea or lemonade. There was a really ugly painted sign underneath the lemonade stand and it is being covered by those lovely crepe streamers we got from dollar store hung on a string. So easy!

lemonade stand 4

More wedding DIY photos to come 🙂

giant cat saga : episode 1

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A girl can be busy now and then.

I was explaining to my sister why there were no new posts on a red ribbon and I began saying that I was so busy that no crafting had been done. But that was a lie. Only after writing a few more sentences did I remember that knitting project I was working on for Halloween. Why did it not register as crafting initially, I am not sure. Maybe, because I filed it under costume in my brain and though the two categories have a lot of cross-over I just didn`t make the connection. But connect they did, and so I had the brilliant idea to share this not-so-serious, actually-very-silly side of crafting which I enjoy indulging in every so often. Because when you are busy, there has to be an outlet for the nonsensical somewhere.

This post will have several parts over the next few days before Halloween, so if you find it interesting, please check back often to see the progress. It will be like your favourite TV show having back-to-back episodes: a crafting special! Or, you could catch all the action in one sitting after Halloween and it will be like a Saturday morning cartoon smorgasbourg of crafts. I leave that up to you.

Let`s start with the inspiration. My photographer friend, Lindsay and I were spying on other crafters` photos on etsy and came across the cutest, crochetted, lion hat . Lindsay and I happen to be a little obsessed with this Japanese stop motion video of cats and their owner. There is a song and giant cats and violence…what more could we ask for?
Though I can`t remember exactly who should be credited for the idea, we decided it would be great fun to dress up as giant cats for Halloween. Of course I volunteered to use my crafting skills to make the cat hats once again sans pattern. And so the saga begins…

First, I made this beautiful swim-cap-esque toque. Some would call it a “scull cap”, but that creeps me out so, how about tight toque? Anyways, since I didn’t have a pattern, I just used the pinwheel blanket pattern and decreased around the ends to get it to curve inward. Actually, I may have to loosen it a bit, because it is a tad tight, but you get the idea.

What’s that harrowing silhouette?!

Oh, that? Well that’s a giant cat…

A giant hairless cat.

So I still have the ‘hair’ to add yet, but I do think the ears turned out quite nicely. These babies are made with mad crochet skills and are basically folded pouches. Before I stitched them on the hat I could fit my fist inside. Well, I didn’t try, but my visual-spatial skills are usually quite excellent, so I am most definitely, maybe right.

Here’s an ear close up (the best I could do, sorry!)

The ear is simply sewed onto the toque with the same yarn using a tapestry needle.


Stay tuned for episode 2: the giant cat grows hair!

These last three shots I took by putting the camera on a timer to take them in succession. The first two are decent and informative, the last one is just more nonsense. You know what they say, you go crazy if you wear cat hats for too long.

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