Valentines Haters Anonymous

February 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Valentines seems to get a lot of flack. When you think that Valentines is supposed to be a day for love, there is a lot of hatin’ going on. There are the chronically single, who find the awareness of their condition to be heightened by such a holiday: one friend referred to it as, “single persons awareness day”. Then there are the love spurned, who bitterly detest all that Valentines represents and may dedicate that sacred day to pay homage to Tina Turner and Aretha Franklin for a little R.E.S.P.E.C.T. And how about the Hallmark haters? For these individuals the celebration of Valentines and similar holidays is a matter of morality. Money hungry greeting card companies must be stopped and meaningless holidays boycotted. They will not celebrate with the buying of frivolous folded pieces of paper; they will not be wooed into a sugar coma of compliance by the abundance of teeth rotting heart-shaped goodies. No, they stand in their fight against outrageous romantic delirium that threatens humanity.

Now, unless you have always been among the “in a relationship” and it’s not “complicated” crowd, then at some time you will have found yourself hating on this particular holiday. Personally, I can relate to all three of the above categories of Valentine haters. That said, there are ways to cope my friends. Welcome to VHA: Valentine Haters Anonymous. Let the healing begin.

Let us join together in a united effort to bring back the love. In highschool I used to give little gifties to my single girlfriends on Valentines. It may have been a simple act of consolation, but there is no denying that it made the day a heck of a lot more festive. It softened the blow of being the only person in class not to get a candy-gram. THEREFORE, this week a red ribbon will be dedicated to little ways that we can all craftily cope…no, not only cope, but enjoy this upcoming holiday. And no projects will involve doilies or pipe cleaners. Pinky swear.

To begin, we go with a new twist on an old classic: the Valentines Card. This site posts printable cards themed with romantic inventions. The cards have the original patent illustrations, short descriptions of the invention and a quirky pick-up line. You can print them of for FREE.


How nifty is that, right? I think they are cheeky but not cheesy which is hard to come by in a store. But check out the original site and you can find a variety of cards with all the hard work done! I like how the poster calls himself a “maker” – I mean crafting tends to get a old lady rap so I can see why he would choose a term which is a little more masculine…almost Biblical. Anyways, all you have to do is press print. Let’s show our friends a little love.


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