For me, being creative has always had a strong connection with childhood. I remember having wild adventures in a time machine my brother and I imagined, helping my mother make chocolate-chip cookies and dressing up in a clown outfit that was too small for me along with roller skates that were too big. I was also content to spend many solitary hours in quiet meditation on a puppy dog cross-stitch or perfecting a work of art on LITE-BRITE. As a child, something as simple as putting a red ribbon in my hair made me feel like a princess. There is something about a red ribbon; the way it shines, the feel of its soft satin against your skin. A red ribbon is something special. This blog is a collection of creative projects from the past and present. It is a blog for my red ribbons, the little things that make me feel something more than ordinary and being the generous child that I am, I would like to share them with you.

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