Dear Miss Potter,

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I do love the Beatrix Potter books and I admit that it is mostly for the sweet watercolour illustrations, even though the stories can be quite rivetting. Animals in human clothing never cease to amuse me and Miss Potter captures the whimsy of it so well.


Lately, I have decided to take on a new project: up-cycled stuffed animals. I picked up a pile of unwanted wool and cashmere while thrifting and then felted them to make them washer/dryer friendly.

IMG_9749Then I proceeded to procrastinate over actually beginning the work for a few weeks…about a month or more. With no real deadline (like a baby due-date or kid’s birthday), motivation was hard to come by.

BUT! Today, I have triumphantly began working on this project. No online patterns were quite what I liked and I was feeling inspired by Miss Potter, so I took out a Peter Rabbit book and used the pictures as models for my own pattern making. Holy smokes. I have not made many patterns, and never for a 3D animal, and so this proved to be quite the mind bender. After a few hours of drawing, cutting and taping (I only have letter size paper!) I feel quite accomplished!


I still have no idea if it will work out correctly, but I have high hopes… :S

I hope Miss Potter will be proud!


‘Something Old’

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Seems everyone has a little bit of retro in their weddings nowadays. Maybe its just fashion cycling, but I like to think there is a bit more behind it – I liked including that ‘something old’ because it gave more meaning and connection to such an important day.

I didn’t want a traditional veil, but didn’t want to pay the prices I saw in stores for cute vintage hairpieces. Armed with an idea and a seam ripper, I found my mother’s wedding veil and started to take it apart (with permission of course!).130915_CorinnaDan_Wedding-84 130915_CorinnaDan_Wedding-103 130915_CorinnaDan_Wedding-109

First, the base of the head piece was completely in tact from when my mother wore it, but just with a little whitening to spruce it up a bit. Then instead of centering the head piece on top of the head as my mother had done in the seventies, my hairdresser helped me pin it so it wrapper around the back and part of the front of my head. With the base in place, I had taken a piece of mom’s veil, which was then pinned exactly where we liked on the day. I can’t say I wasn’t nervous about it all working out, because the wedding day was the first time we had tried to put all of these pieces together, but Christie did everything so perfectly!

And I couldn’t have been happier with another DIY done from the wedding list. It just took a little persistance and help from friends.

Thanks for everything!!



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