Back in the saddle with mason jar syrup dispensers

August 6, 2013 § 1 Comment

I will fill you all in, making a long story short, but I have not posted in about a year and I have some good reasons why. In September I started a 12 month, intensive teacher certification program AND in December I got engaged and basically all of my crafting energies have been focused on this one event coming up in…3 weeks now! Holy smokes.

With the help of friends, family and pinterest (oooooh guilty pleasure) we have succeeded in pulling off a DIY wedding of the century! Well, we may be biased. I have determined to post these creations to share with you all the various projects we took on. Here are just a few: sewn paper heart banners (for that whimsical feel), repurposed map circular fans (for wall decor) and pump-top mason jars (for dispersing syrups for the iced tea and lemonade stand).

Today, I will be filling you in on the pump-top mason jars, which were one of my fav DIYs so far. The DIY we based ours off of can be found ugly duckling transformations blog.

pump-top mason jars

Here it is!

The pump dispensers were quite difficult to find. I planned to go to the shop Soap Dispensary on Main St., but they were closed that day. Then proceeded a mad dash down Main, trying to find a store that sold dispensers. After asking MANY storekeepers I made it to Urban Source. Aaaaaaaw! (angels singing) I love them. They did not have dispensers, but they said to check a hairdresser’s shop because they usually sell them for the big shampoo bottles. Of course!  I presented the dispensers to Dan with pride and our mason jar crafting night was on it’s way.

Basically we followed Ugly Duckling’s DIY, but with a few modifications. Since we wanted to use these dispensers for syrup which would be added to drinks, the sealant we used for attaching the pump and metal lid need to be food safe. Since Dan works at a marina shop, it was easy for us to find an alternative. We used a putty (which smelled hideous! but worked) which was ‘water safe’, which works for our purposes. The putty is mixed to be moldable and then once in place it will dry to be hard.


Here is basically what we used. Probably this would be findable in a hardware store.

Here it is online.

To make a hole in the metal lid for the pump we used one of the machines in the marina workshop. The hole was bigger than needed, but the putty filled the gap easily.

We are really looking forward to making our syrups and adding them to our iced tea and lemonade stand at the reception. I will have to post pictures after the big day.

Probably we will be needing to put labels on these jars to say what kind of syrup is inside. Any suggestions?


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