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January 22, 2012 § 1 Comment

This post is dedicated to the recent Wiki strike.

I like canabalizing things. Let me explain: I like to take old items that no longer have any use to anyone, collecting dust shoved into the corner of a closet somewhere or the back of a dresser drawer, take them apart and make them into something new. I have been doing this waaaaaay before people decided it was cool. Now all sorts of people are talking about being “green” and recycling old items. Canabalizing is much edgier.

Well, in the spirit of one of my favourite past-times, I took an old Webster’s dictionary I had found at Sally-Ann and used it to make some hip fridge magnets. I tore out pages and everything! Very liberating…and seemingly subversive in a weird way. They became Christmas presents for friends who I knew would enjoy the addition they would make to their refrigerators. The magnets aren’t the strongest, so I believe they may need to just be decorative, but hey, people take magnetic poetry and decorate their fridges with those, so why not dictionary entries? It’s educational and ecologically friendly. What more can I say?

Ever wonder what an ardvark is?

Two more…bachelor buttons!

and a charming chaffinch

Last but not least is good old Mr.Webster himself! There are 9 separate magnets that make up this picture and gives you some idea of the size of the magnets.


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January 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

Every so often I am getting time for more Christmas gift reveals. The one I just posted is Ben’s toque which has quite a story behind it. It’s in the “projects” pages, but here is an easy link for your convenient perusal.

What’s new then? Well, my friend Lisa and I waited half-an-hour or more to get into the big Three Bags Full yarn sale last weekend. We spent so much time in there oohing and aahing over the yarns. Petting them. It had to be done. While inside, we found a gourgeous yarn on sale 50% off. Two colours of pink silkwool Malabrigo…we just had to have them, but what would we make? Lisa had the genius idea to make a Valentines themed project we could work on together. GLORIOUS! So now, we are planning the details…probably not using a pattern again (which I usually regret later). Seriously, I never learn, but sometimes it has to be done. We are thinking, spring inspired cowls (even though the weather in Vancouver right now doesn’t provide much inspiration). We should get our acts together in the next week or so.

Other than that, I am starting another big project. A shawl. I am a little worried about having enough yarn for my desired length buuuut, here goes nothing!

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