paper back writer…

October 28, 2011 § 6 Comments

Well, actually this has nothing to do with writing and everything to do with repurposing…BUT I do believe that the medium justifies the reference. You can be the judge.

I recently moved into a new apartment. An essential part of making an apartment your own is putting up pictures, but I am not very conventional in this area of decorating. It may be because I am soo creative and crrrazy, but it could also be because I am poor and picture frames cost money.

Now, moving onto what would seem to be a completely unrelated event: when my brother-in-law moved away a few weeks ago he bequeathed an old typewriter to me. It is old. And it doesn’t work anymore, but as I had only moved into my place a few weeks prior, the addition of useless items seemed a completely rational thing to do.

Here we have the eureka moment: the broken typewriter sat on the top of my bookshelf, reminding me everyday of its uselessness and space taking-upness. Then one day it came to me, I could display my photos in a unique way and solve the problem of the useless typewriter that was nagging me. I began slipping photos in between the typewriter keys. And it was good. Then I decided to put photos under the rollers that would have held paper in place. And it was very good. I took a step back and I knew, I knew that the universe would never be the same again. I, along with my few visitors, looked at what I had created and said that it was very good. And so the typewriter-photo-disply-thing came into being. And then, I rested.

the keys display photos at varying heights

here is where the paper used to go

who says you can't teach an old typewriter new tricks?!


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