babies dressed like animals are the coolest.

May 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

A few months back, should you recall, I crocheted up a little baby hat with bear ears by special request (post link here). My sister`s sister-in-law saw one at a shop, thought it was cute and my sister thought, “If Corinna could make a cat hat, she could make a bear hat” (side note: I cannot be held responsible for reading her mind at this particular point in time. Maybe Shannon has just heard me say `I could make that` so many times it has melded into her subconcious somewhere).

Well, since this hat was the first of it`s kind for me to create, I was understandably a bit nervous. Especially with mailing it oceans away, I would not have the opportunity to adjust anything if that would be required. Well, I mailed it off and crossed my fingers.

Today, I finally got to see the bear hat in action! Thanks mr.facebook.

Baby bear Avie

Aren`t babies dressed like animals the coolest? I am sure she is the envy all the hip Vancouver babies on her block.

Thanks, Christie for the pic!

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