the deep end

April 26, 2011 § 5 Comments

There is an arbitrary knitters` line which I have decided to cross with this new project of mine. I have always said that I knit, but I am not one of those people who knits real pieces of clothing. I was happy with the basics required for a scarf or blanket. But my craving for crafting challenges took me one step closer to this precipice with every new and more complicated project. The urge to make knitted items for my two new neices has driven me to the edge. Once I finish this inaugural baby sweater, I will have gone past the point of no return. I know it, but I can`t stop either. But that is not the most frightening part: I am proud of it! I am so close to finishing this little clothing item and I just can`t wait to do so and plunge into the depths of wool and alpaca and mohair below (and emerge triumphant!). No longer in denial, I am ready to embrace the granny comparisons as I point my hands toward the sky, and bend my knees, ready to dive into the deep end of knitting.

Periodically, as I was going through different sweater knitting stages I showed my sisters the project through skype video. It was pretty funny, I shoved the yarn in front of the camera as they made faces squinting at the picture of an unfinished sweater (that probably looked like it had been eaten up by a wild animal ) and tried to discern what the heck I was up to. “What do you think of the colour?” I wanted to know. “Uuuh, is it green?” comes a voice from my computer speakers. “No, it`s yellow…does it look green?!” then I frantically run around my apartment shutting curtains, turning lights on and off to try and get the colour to come out right oceans away. “Mmm, well, it looks green on the webcam, but I am sure it`s a nice colour” my sisters assure me. I assert that I believe it will be very cute, although Shannon and Natasha give me some stress about how baby sizes are never right after I tell them the pattern says it is for a 12 month old. Gah. Someone else might have the foresight not to try and get project approval mid-knitting, but even at 26 I still like to know that my older sisters know what I am up to and think that it is awesome. I don`t know if the youngest child ever grows out of that. The baby of the family, but a granny at heart.

So. at this point, all I have left to do is sew the little buttons on this mini cardigan and then it will be official!

I just need to find the right buttons! I wish I could take a little trip to this little shop in Vancouver that my sister found called Button Button. It`s a quaint little shop, but when all you sell is buttons, how much space do you need? If only I could go there and spend exhorbitant amounts of time looking through all the different shapes and colours to find the perfect buttons. I will just have to try my luck here in Fukui.


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