the knitters are coming! the knitters are coming!

April 20, 2011 § Leave a comment


Sometimes, knitters feel the need to go public with their private hobby. It goes by many names, yarn storming, urban knitting, yarn bombing, knit graffiti and my personal favourite, guerilla knitting. From tree cozies to memorial mufflers, these knitters know no bounds! Though they all seem to have different motives, I think it is safe to say that it is usually done in the name of art…warm, cozy and colourful art.

Not only are people acting out on their own, but the knitters are gathering and making collectives. Some of the culprits at work have some real rock`n`roll names with no shame for punnieness (when have crafters ever shyed away from a clever play on words?).  Examples; Knitta Please, Graknitti and Micro-fiber Militia. Need I say more?

Vancouverites would be familiar with this scene:

The mermaid in Stanley Park

Reactions to this form of art-graffiti-protest are usually positive, but while checking out what other people were saying about this craft phenomenon I came across some pretty heated debates! has an article on the subject which attracted some colorful language:

Realgraf says, “this isn’t graffiti. its a joke. knitting requires little to no skill …  500 hours for the tree? why don’t you spend some time doing something worthwhile. if you had spent that much time with a can you would probably be a respectable writer.”

(I don`t know exactly what he means by being a respectable writer by spending 500 hours with a can, but I digress) These are a few of the gems from replies:

Erica softens the blow with, “Anyone that doesn’t see this as wonderful and awesome has a stick up their bum.”

Xstitcher, “Respected by who? Other morons like yourself? I’d rather be able to knit and only have the respect of my grandmother if that is the alternative.”

So true. So true.

Troll says “idiot. …  no skill to knit? can you knit? can you make something coherent out of string? …”

Well, can you?! There are about 154 comments on the article and I am pretty sure all of them are a backlash to the first comment by Mr.RealGraffiti. You better watch out, because knitters can really take this stuff personally, and they have large needles which airlines consider dangerous weapons and oh, do they know how to use them!

For more of knitting`s seedy underbelly, here is the site of the two who started it in little old Vancouver, Canada:


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