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April 12, 2011 § 3 Comments

I blame Hong Kong…and spring break…and nice weather, for my recent blogging absence. With spring, and spring travelling, I have been drawn out of doors much more than in the past winter months. Now that I am finally coming down from the buzz of Hong Kong`s neon lights, epic cityscapes, “family walks” (more like arduous hikes), and markets of every shape and colour, I am ready to get back to crafting.

When I returned back to the real world, I found a facebook message from my oldest sister. She needed a craft for a girl`s club mother-daughter night and asked me, with my infinite crafting expertise, to give her some ideas.

I thought back to when I went to a girl`s club every Friday at my church. I went with my best friend Carley for the longest time and we liked to take every opportunity to be a little wacky. I remember one night we both wore our matching bright neon, flare pants (before flare was cool) that we had scrounged out of a bargain bin the Saturday before. I loved those pants.  And what about the crafts? I tried to remember a craft we did…First, I remembered doing an intense Christmas ornament involving a large styrofoam ball, small squares of fabric and tons of pins. I remember it, because it was incredibly difficult to do. Then there`s the annual Mother`s Day crafts! All of these involved things like potpourri, plastic flowers and ribbons. I decided, that the crafts I would choose would have nothing to do with those three items (even though I still have an affinity for ribbons…obviously). Girls should learn that crafting can be fun and hip, not stale and antique looking. So, my hunt began.

Craft suggestion 1: Button rings!

On the Craftzine site, there is a great instructable about making rings out of unused buttons and it doesn`t require a Harvard diploma. I have made my own version of these using metal wiring, but it was much more difficult, so I think that this version would be the way to go for young and old. Check it out here.

Button Ring Steps

Suggestion 2: Interchangeable headbands!

This one came from a site called dollar store crafts, where you can find all sorts of budget accessory and home decor ideas. The site gives a recipe for making hair accessories which can be slid on and off the same headband (why didn`t I think of thought). She explains and does everything real simple-like for us everyday folk. The great thing is that depending on your taste, the options are endless and if the girlies wanted to make something really wild they could really go for it. A stroke of genius. I may have to make some of my own. Take a look!

Suggestion 3: Recycled paper beads

Instructions on how to make paper beads minus the brain explosions and the tendency toward tacky. I suggested she get the moms to do the cutting part of course. Also, painting the beads is optional. If you just roll up the colourful or patterned parts of pages, then there would be no need. I found some super cute ones made out of recycled security envelopes at Junk Mail Gems.

beads made from recycled junk mail, blue security envelope patterns


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