Grow a little lovin`

February 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

So in Japan it takes a lot of effort to dispose of certain items. Every trash item must be sorted first into either burnable or non-burnable. Then, the non-burnable items must be further separated into categories of plastic, tin, bottles, and on and on. Not only does garbage need to be sorted, but there are particular days when each of these items can be taken to the neighbourhood garbage disposal to be picked up by the singing garbage collecting trucks. It`s quite the process and unless you are a rocket scientist or Martha Stewart, certain garbage days are forgotten and items are overlooked, soon piling up in the small storage areas of one`s apartment. Some items I am completely at a loss as to which category they belong to and others I have forgotten the disposal day…and so they sit. For example, I have completely forgotten which day I can get rid of my tin cans and so have grown a rather impressive collection of tin soup and tuna cans, washed and ready to be joined with their tin brothers and sisters in can after-life, but they are stuck in recycling limbo.

Now, what in the world do my trash issues have to do with Valentines day? Well, in my search for the next great project to transform this holiday into a crafting opportunity, I stumbled upon a magical little craft. Now if a fairy-god-mother can turn a pumpkin into a carriage, then a little crafting can turn my trash into sweet Valentines gifts. The blogger who posted this made it as a Christmas gift, but I figure with some small adjustments to presentation these could easily be given a Valentines theme. May I present, Tuesdays craft, the recycled flower planter!

A craft blog called maya made, is what superstar craft blogs are made of. She has creativity oozing out of her pores! That site is full of goodies, but we will borrow her tin can planters today. There are easy instructions on the site and since I already have many of the materials I think I may just be able to pull this off before February 14th…maybe. Of course, not everyone appreciates the `challenge` of growing plants, so I couldn’t bless everyone with these, but I am sure I can find something more low maitenance for the rest of my friends. Doshio…

Do you have a suggestion? What was a great Valentines gift you got and why was it so great? I mean, I just want to figure out what kind of competition I am up against, because if it’s the ‘maya made’ kind I already know where I stand on that scale. As one of my friends said tonight, I am the everyman crafter. Thanks, Hillary. I’ll try to remember that and not attempt world domination through crafting…yet anyways.


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