Getting nerdy up in heah!

January 25, 2011 § 5 Comments

Every Tuesday after work I make the epic hour long trek to Mister Donuts. After a long, cold journey it is such a comfort to see the warm lights inside Mister Donuts gleaming in the darkness. Pushing the open button, the first door to this glorious world of donuts slides open. I put my umbrella, a constant companion, obediently into one of the metal squares of the umbrella holder before being welcomed in by the automatic opening of the second door. Ah, the smell of deep fried dough and exorbitant amounts of icing hang in the air. I find Lindsay already knitting in a corner by a four person table. We take up a lot of room. I plunk my book bag down and all unnecessary items of clothing before returning to the donut display to make my selection unburdened by winter wear. We exchange slightly imbittered remarks, usually about the weather; I evaluate her choice of donuts and then make my way to the display.

The donut display is a thing of beauty. In true Japanese fashion, row upon row of donuts display culinary works of art. There are the old stand-bys; the old fashioned, the chocolate dipped, the tofu donuts. Then there are the special, limited time only donuts; donuts dipped in chocolate, cut in half to sandwich a whip-cream patty then stuck with a silver star topped paper stick like a glorious, mutant club sandwich. There are animal shaped donuts with hidden whip-cream middles smiling at you with their chocolate fondant mouths as if to say “I don’t mind if you eat my face”. All of these fine specimens are displayed in a glorious tribute to the astounding Japanese ability to take sweets and turn them into works of art…and if you aren’t careful those works of art are going to put you into a sugar coma for the remainder of the evening.

And so, after much contemplation over which lucky donuts will be chosen that evening, placing them delicately on my tray so as not to disturb the perfectly formed donut bits, I pay the lady and head to my seat for a night of knitting.

Lindsay is working on a balaclava-thing and as of tonight I am almost finished the bear baby hat project I started last week! Wanna see?

I just need to do the ears now! But I must pick up another skein of yarn before I can start working on them. There is a little worry in me about the hat fitting, because I have no idea how big I should be making this thing. I made a toque for a friends baby once and it was too small, so I guess I am just a bit nervous and I live so far away that not much can be done if it is indeed too small. Buuut, I am reassured that this baby will not be born until later and so there is a very good chance it will fit this toque for a period of time, be it only a month or so, I can’t say in my unprofessional opinion.

Some have mentioned that our knitting is a little nerdy. Getting together on week nights to work on our projects and chat, may be seen by some as less than exciting. I mean, let’s face it, it’s nothing like the adrenaline rush of careening down a snowy slope strapped to a board, but it does have its small rewards. Holding up a project after finally finishing and knowing that you made every stitch is an accomplishment worth working towards. Of course, let’s not forget about the company either. It all makes the walk through sleet and snow worth it. And so the project continues…


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