going for the crafty touchdown

January 22, 2011 § 2 Comments

Listening to: The Go! Team, Buy Nothing Day

So, let’s see…what’s on the craft table now? No excuses, we all know that dogs don’t like the taste of homework, so even though I have no esthetically pleasing pictures to accompany this post I will post none the less.

Having just tucked in the last of the loose ends on my last scarf project I have decided to move on to a new and interesting challenge. My sister has asked me to try my hand at making a little bear toque. If you have been following previous posts, you will remember that I made a cat hat, well two, for halloween. Considering that that project was more complicated, I figure this one should be doable. The only thing is that instead of combining knitting and crocheting (like I did with the cat hat) I am going for more continuity and trying to do it all in crochet…I am a little worried about this.

I have never crocheted this kind of toque before. Yes, I have crocheted beret type hats, but this one is beanie style and I have only ever knitted a beanie style toque. I anticipate probably having to attempt this project more than once before it looks right. Not my favourite way of doing things. But I am comforted by the fact that crocheting is (in my books) much more intuitive than knitting. On the table is a crocheted toque with two round ears sticking out the top. So sharpen up your lady skills (ie. intuition, you know ’cause that’s lady stuff) and sit down with some new music album or tv series and let the creativity begin!

Not a bad pep-talk, eh? Well, maybe it wouldn’t inspire me to score a winning touchdown and chalk another one up for the underdog, but it will serve my purposes well enough. I will be getting to that then. Aaaaaand, break!


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