Christmas means carnage!

November 16, 2010 § 3 Comments

It`s only a month until my favourite holiday of the year and crafting is in full swing!

Inspired by a recycled Christmas tree craft sent to me from my friend Martha Stewart, I began crafting multiple trees for a charity auction. The auction is in just a few days and I only finished painting them with glue and dusting them with glitter last night. I committed to auctioning off a Christmas craft grab-bag and because of this my apartment has descended into chaos from my frantic late night crafting to finish everything in time. In Japanese, “giri giri” would describe my situation quite well: looks like I am going to make it by the skin of my teeth.

The auction project is not the only culprit in the disaster zone that is my apartment. I also have various `break from the auction project projects` strewn throughout my small living space. And it`s not like I have a lot of room to go around. As I was doing some finishing touches on Christmas cards I was stenciling I looked up at the chaos and the words of a duck named Ferdinand came to mind: “Christmas means carnage!” Anyone familiar with the movie of talking farm animals called Babe, will remember the scene when Ferdinand has a melt down, because he knows the truth about Christmas dinner. I didn`t have a melt down exactly, but as I looked around at my apartment I thought carnage was an excellent word to describe my current situation.

And so, I took the time to document the carnage on your behalf. My sister says she wishes she could be crafty like me, but Shannon, after you see these photos you may have second thoughts.

This is what used to be my couch and is now the cloth origami brooch project area (anyone got a better name?). You can see that what I require for this small creation is cloth, an iron, lots of fabric starch and origami instructions of course. I am worried that this craft will eventually involve a more literal carnage if I am not careful, but so far no fingers have been ironed.

What used to be my coffee table. This is where the recycled Christmas tree magic happens…well actually the folding happened in numerous other places, but the trees all congregated here afterwards. These are made from monotonous folding of individual pages of old magazines, much like the one in the foreground. Later these will get messier.

On top of my kutatsu blanket just off center is the scarf I am working on. I am striping with a yarn that changes colour and it has proven to be quite addictive to see the colours evolve.

These felted balls are what is going to be my new niece’s mobile. I plan on attaching them via yarn to the top of the mobile after the auction project is finished and just in time for her first Christmas! The balls are loads of fun to make.

I used to eat here. This is my kitchen table all decked out for Christmas card making. Rilakumma is supervising.

It is a set of five. Very simple, but festive I think. The stenciling was done with a doily. And the letters were done with my nifty new box of letter and number stamps!

I got a little carried away and started stamping on the back of the cards too.

In a few days I will post some pics of the finished project for the auction. In the mean time, it’s back to crafting! And my day job.


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§ 3 Responses to Christmas means carnage!

  • Shannon says:

    Awesome. I am truly inspired… to get you back here eventually and sell your crafts. ๐Ÿ˜‰ No really, the cards are adorable and the trees look tres kawaii. It’s all worth it!

  • Haha love the “carnage” so true! Stamping on the back of cards… are really out-doing yourself ๐Ÿ™‚

  • aredribbon says:

    Thanks friends! Creating the carnage is too much fun to stop ๐Ÿ™‚ I let out a little girl giggle while glittering up the trees. What girl doesn’t love glitter?
    Shannon, just you wait! We will be unstoppable.

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