Head hugger, tree hugger

November 9, 2010 § 2 Comments

Anyone who knows me well, knows I love second-hand shopping. I believe this hobby of mine began at a very young age. Growing up as the youngest of four children, I lived off of hand-me-downs and was always waiting for that day when I would inherit coveted items from my sister`s closets. I also had a young play-mate who`s mother took us garage sale shopping on Saturdays and who first introduced me to the joys of bargain shopping at a place called Mary House. Once a month, Mary House opened it`s doors and with a garbage bag in hand we waited our turn to scavenge the boxes of clothes in the basement while fighting off old ladies with a strong sense of ownership. There was no opportunity to try clothes on, just one turn through the boxes and then a payment of five dollars would get you out the door with a garbage bag full of goodies. Being still quite young and small, I remember hurling myself into the bottom of waist-high boxes to find that one overlooked item and occasionally getting some stranger`s cast offs in the face. It was all part of the chase for a bargain which, being nurtured at such a young age, is still with me today. Of course, now I find myself searching through more organized collections of clothes and in a more civilized manner. But I still feel that little thrill of finding an item for more than half the original price and…admittedly, I still get a little possesive when I see someone eyeing what I am hoping to purchase.

“So what is all this hugging got to do with second-hand shopping?” you ask. Well, one day, while purusing my local thrift store, I came across some pretty neck ties. Normally I would never venture into the men`s section of thrifting, but these ties were hanging right across from the ladies` scarfs and I had an idea; a crafty idea. Why should these ties live such a purposeless life, hanging there on the shelf, surrounded by the smell of unwashed clothing? So, I rescued these neck ties. I brought them home, washed them and made them into headbands of various shapes and sizes.

Let the tree-huggers of the universe rejoice! Another way to put those skills of reducing, reusing and recycling to good use. Elementary school brain washing is finally making fashionable sense.

My friend who helped model these re-purposed items, said of the wrap-around variation, “It`s like a hug for your head!”. This coming from a girl who consistently finds headbands uncomfortable, now that is something. In the projects pages I will be devoting more posts to headbands (some new, some old) and I hope to eventually get a DIY together for the head-huggers themselves. In the meantime, you can admire some new handiwork in the gallery pages of the site. Here`s peek.


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