The giant cat grows hair : Giant cat saga ep.2

October 26, 2010 § 4 Comments

After hours of tucking, tugging and trimming, the cat hat is finally finished. Keeping me company, was my new favourite knitting-buddy; online tv-shows. The cat hat was made while Bones fought crime and Mondo made a whimsical mexican circus inspired clothing line. It could make a girl feel like she is accomplishing very little with her needle and yarn, but when I finally put on the finished project I didn`t mind; just another red ribbon to add to my collection.Ta da!

And it provided some comic relief with a few students at school.

I was going for a calico look with the yarn colours. I`m not sure if I pulled it off, or if it looks like some strange liger-thing, made by scientists with too much time on their hands sort of creation. What do you think?

The hair is made by looping pieces of yarn through the hat base (the tight toque). I took some of the yarn ends and unraveled the twist so that it frayed. All of the yellow I did this way. I didn`t fray all the yarn because that would take FOREVER and I do have my limits ( I know, shocking, right?). When I showed the hat to my friend Hillary she said, “You could make a mean fro”. Then I looked at it and thought it would look like some strange multi-coloured fro, minus the cat ears.

Lindsay picked up some face-paint so on Saturday we will have the full cat costumes. During the party we will enjoy eating human food, taking short naps and biting people who get too friendly.

I realized after taking this photo, that cat`s don`t “rarr”, but after living in Japan, all my animal sounds have been confused. Animals don`t all speak the same language you know. In Canada, cat`s speak English and French: “meow” or “meow” (with emphasis on the nasal area). In Japan, cat`s speak Japanese: “nya, nya”. Unfortunately, as hard as I study Japanese, I have yet to understand the cats here. Maybe they speak in a street slang you can`t learn in textbooks.

With all the work that went into the cat hat, I won`t be able to just store it away in the closet until another costume party comes along. The cold weather is coming, and I know just what to wear to keep my head warm through the night in my apartment. Nya, nya, nya, nya…


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